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Frequently Asked Question!

You have to subscribe separately for both desired days. For example, If you live in Craigieburn where we deliver twice a week, Monday and Thursday and you want to subscribe for both days, then you have to subscribe for both days separately.

No, we can’t supply raw milk to domestic customers. In fact it is illegal in Australia.

This is pasteurized milk and is not boiled. If you can’t consume it within 4 days after opening it, we recommend to boil it to increase the shelf life.

Usually, the shelf life of our milk is 12 days from the date of packaging which is marked on the bag as well. However, we recommend you consume it in 4 days once you have open the bag. If you cannot consume it in 4 days, then we recommend to boil it to increase the shelf life.

In Un-homogenized milk, the fat globules are not broken or reduced, which allows them to separate and form a layer of cream on the top.

The products available on the website are the only products we deal in.

Unfortunately we don’t have any other packaging as of now. We hope to start them very soon.

No, this is single use bag. Please dispose it off after use.